Excellent service, professional staff, and great dental work done by Dr. Nahhas!

Jadd K.

I really like Dr. Nahhas and the staff at Wave dental. They have always been very easy to schedule with and they do great work. They even make sure my son is comfortable and doesn’t get scared during his appointments, which is amazing! Really makes the whole process go very smooth.

Xandra T.

Dr. Ayham is the best! He’s very attentive and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. He’s helped me greatly with my weak enamel. Definitely recommend him!

Jaqueline K.

Once I arrived to this location was impressed with the friendliness of the staff, Dr Nahhas thank you for your excellent service.

MaRiiah Z.

Extremely nice staff. Very informative and helpful. Thanks wave dental!

Earl Moore

I had the best dental experience in my life at Wave Dental. Dr. Nahhas is very skilled and professional. I was extremely comfortable having him do my root canal and crown. He was kind and patient and explained everything I needed to know very proficiently. Everything went really smoothly and I did not feel any pain at any point during the process. I had no fear at all going in to my dental appointments (which is really saying something because I normally hate going to the dentist). Dr. Nahhas and his friendly staff took very good care of me and I love how my teeth look now!!! 🙂 Also, they are quite reasonable when it comes to the cost. Even though they were not on my Aetna health insurance plan, they gave me a very good price and I also had the option of paying in installments. Dr. Nahhas took the time to explain all of my treatment options and was very straight forward with me, so that I didn’t have to go for any over-the-top, unnecessary treatments like some other dentists would push on you. He’s a great dentist and just a great person in general! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!


My previous dentist did several fillings on me and I was having sensitivity issues in one of them. She basically just told me to use Sensodyne. I went to Dr. Nahhas and he adjusted the filling, and I felt immediate relief. I also had some old dental bond glue on several of my teeth since I had braces a couple of years ago (my previous dentist did not do anything about it when I brought it to her attention). Dr. Nahhas, on the other hand, said it was an easy fix and polished it for me. I really appreciated the way he went above and beyond to address all of my concerns, and would highly recommend to anyone!

The staff is also very friendly and professional; MJ was very attentive and personable. Great experience overall.


I love this place. The dentist was nice, patient, and knowledgeable. The support staff was awesome as well. Ms. MJ made a great impression of my 10 year old daughter. Also, I have a biting 8 month old and he didn’t cry once. I will recommend my friends.


Dr. Nahhas and his staff at Wave Dental are excellent and I highly recommend them for their professionalism and affordability. I initially came in for a tooth cleaning, and Dr. Nahhas found some other issues that I needed to take care of. He explained what my options were, and his staff made the appointments for me. When you make an appointment, you get a text confirming the appointment and two more texts following up to the appointment to remind you. This was very helpful.

Other positives: the staff remembered me even though my appointments were months apart, the doctors and technicians were extremely competent and professional, and everyone made sure to clearly explain every step of the procedure to me.

I was nervous for my procedure and the office was also very relaxing. There is a large and beautiful fish tank, and the cartoon network playing in the background actually did take my mind off the procedure!


I absolutely recommend this dental clinic. They have good communication great front and back staff everybody is so nice and always helping out with questions. The dentist Mr. Nahhas the best. So happy that I found this clinic near me! Thanks Wave Dental!!!

Joana B